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Wayne County

Water & Sewer Authority


3377 Daansen Road

Walworth, NY 14568



Our Mission Statement
As a Public Benefit Corporation created by the New York State Legislature, the Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority has as its purpose to reliably provide the highest quality water and the most efficient wastewater services for the benefit of the people of the Authority’s service area. The Authority’s goal is to consistently provide these services at a reasonable and competitive cost while promoting an atmosphere of outstanding customer service, planning for future improvements and protecting resources and the environment.



Contact Information

Phone:  (315) 986-1929

Fax:  (315) 986-1687

Toll Free:  (800) 410-1929

Business Hours

8:00 AM  --  4:30 PM  Monday - Friday

After Hours Emergencies

(315) 986-1929


We're in the middle of a hot summer.


If your lawn gets dry and brown with the lack of rain and your gardens are parched, get the most out of your water dollar by watering early in the morning.   After mid-morning, the sun evaporates much of the water your sprinkler is spraying.  Watering early means your landscaping gets more of the water you are paying for!

Better yet, water at the base of plants with a drip hose.


  Water conservation is always important!

More conservation tips

Water Payments

Payments may be made at the Water Authority complex or at the Macedon, Marion or Palmyra Town Halls.


Be aware that although funds may be removed from your account immediately, the Authority may not receive the check until up to 12 days later! 

Be Alert!

If you see anyone tampering with any part of your public water supply system - hydrants, valves, storage tanks, your own water shutoff - call the Authority immediately!


You can help us keep your water supply safe and secure.


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