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Our Mission Statement
As a Public Benefit Corporation created by the New York State Legislature, the Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority has as its purpose to reliably provide the highest quality water and the most efficient wastewater services for the benefit of the people of the Authority’s service area. The Authority’s goal is to consistently provide these services at a reasonable and competitive cost while promoting an atmosphere of outstanding customer service, planning for future improvements and protecting resources and the environment.

   Beginning in the early 1970’s, Wayne County began exploring the possibility of creating a centralized water system that would provide for its long-term needs and supplement the ability of individual town and village systems to effectively and reliably deliver water.  Various studies were conducted with no results.

     In 1985 the prior studies were reevaluated and projections were made on the long-term demand for water in the County. The new study also recommended the development of a Wayne County Water Authority to coordinate and manage the consolidation of supply and transmission systems and plan future improvements that would improve the water service in the County.  The Wayne County Water Authority was created by special state legislation in 1987.  The legislation was later amended to provide for a “sewer“ designation for the Authority. This amendment brought about the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority. 

     The Authority currently operates and maintains water systems which supply water within the Towns of Macedon, Walworth, Palmyra, Marion, Arcadia, Lyons, Butler, Huron, Sodus and Wolcott.  The Authority also supplies water on a wholesale basis to the Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority.  The facilities in the water system are either owned by the Authority or leased from other municipalities or water districts.  The Authority operates, receives all water revenues from, maintains and pays the operation and maintenance expenses of any such leased facilities.  Municipalities and water districts which own any part of the water system retain full responsibility for paying the capital debt service for such facilities.

     The average yearly volume of water purchased by the Authority for all sections of its service area is nearly one billion gallons.  The Authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 400 miles of transmission and distribution main, ten water storage tanks and seven pumping stations within the service area. The current population of the service area is approximately 30,000.  The Authority water systems provide retail service to approximately 12,250 metered accounts.  In 2016, the Authority received approximately 75% of its water revenues from residential accounts, 17% from industrial and commercial accounts and 8% from wholesale accounts.

     During its early years of operation, the Authority was primarily a “Water Authority” with wastewater collection, treatment and disposal representing only about 1.5% of operating revenues.  Now, the Authority operates a 500,000 GPD Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility and a related collection system that includes approximately 9,000 linear feet of gravity sewer, 40,000 feet of force main and three pump stations.  This regional treatment facility replaced a 30,000 GPD treatment facility in September, 2006.  This system currently collects and treats approximately 220,000 GPD of wastewater, with the majority of the flows coming from the Village of Wolcott, Cayuga County Sewer District #2, the Village of Red Creek, Red Creek Central Schools and the newly formed Blind Sodus Bay Sewer District in the Town of Wolcott. The New York State Department of Corrections contributed to the cost of building the regional facility, which replaced their aging and costly Correctional Facility treatment plant. The regional facility is designed to accept flows not only from the Villages of Wolcott, Fair Haven and Red Creek, but also from other eastern Wayne County communities and bay areas.

     The Authority also operates a series of small collection systems in western and eastern Wayne County which include three pump stations and approximately six miles of gravity sewer mains and related appurtenances.  Collected wastewater from these systems is conveyed to existing wastewater treatment facilities owned by other municipalities and the Authority is billed on a total flow basis per thousand gallons treated.  the Authority also operates and maintains portions of Cayuga County Sewer District #2 under contract with the Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority.

    Effective January 1, 2019, the Authority signed a two-year extension with the Village of Palmyra for the Authority to operate the village's water and wastewater treatment plants and the related distribution and collection systems.  The Authority now operates the Lyons wastewater treatment plant and 11 pump stations along with the associated collection and conveyance systems under a lease/operation agreement with the Town of Lyons.  In 2016, the Authority also assumed operations of the Macedon wastewater treatment plant, six pump stations and associated collection systems serving the former Village of Macedon and portions of the Town of Macedon. In 2017, the Town of Sodus signed a lease/operation agreement with the Authority to operate the water districts in the town.

   The Authority currently has nearly 14,000 water customers and 2,500 sewer customers. 

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Enabling Legislation  - (669 kb Adobe PDF)

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Authority Mission Statement and 2020 Performance Measurements  - (84 kb Adobe PDF)

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Wrongful Conduct, Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct (Whistle Blowing) and Protection from Reprisal Policy  --  (101 kb Adobe PDF)

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Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority is a public benefit corporation, organized under the New York State Public Authorities Law


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