Welcome to the Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority

The Authority strives to provide the highest quality water and the most efficient wastewater services for the benefit of the people of the Authority’s service area at the most reasonable cost possible.

On this website, you can find out how the Authority operates, its history, and information you as a customer can use.

How to identify a WCWSA Employee

Our trucks are all white with the Authority logo on both doors.  Our employees carry identification that they will show you if you ask.  They will not come to your door unless it is an emergency or you have an appointment.

Help with Past-Due Water Bills

New  York State has a program to help low-income residents pay off overdue water and sewer bills.  Click the link below to see if you qualify and how to apply.

Port Bay Sewer Information


Wolcott Residents Click HERE

Huron Residents Click HERE

Regional Water Storage Tank

This is an Authority project in conjunction with  the Towns of Arcadia, Huron, Lyons, Marion, Sodus and Williamson.

Visit our Current Activities page for some photos of the project.
Click HERE for a Press Release about the Project
Click HERE for a map of the Project
Click HERE for the Engineering Report

Western Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

This is an Authority project in conjunction with the Towns of Walworth, Marion and Macedon and the Town and Village of Palmyra.

Click HERE to go to the Project website

Next Authority Board meeting: August 23, 2022.  Download the tentative agenda HERE

Need Your Well Water Tested?

Click for a list of labs that test well water.

Installing a New Water Service?

Please call our office at


for information.

Need Help Paying Your Water or Sewer Bill?

These agencies may be able to help:

Catholic Family Charities, 180 East Union St, Newark  315-331-4867

Wayne Co. Dept. of Social Services, 77 Water St., Lyons


We’re in the middle of a hot, dry summer!


Some of Wayne’s neighboring counties are under a Drought Watch, and the US Drought Monitor shows the westernmost towns of Wayne County, along with Monroe County to the west, to be Abnormally Dry.  In these dry times, it’s important to be aware of the conservation measures we all can take to be responsible water users.

If your lawn gets dry and brown with the lack of rain and your gardens are parched, get the most out of your water by watering early in the morning.

After mid-morning, the sun evaporates much of the water your sprinkler is spraying.

Watering early means your landscaping gets more of the water you are paying for!  Better yet, water at the base of plants with a drip hose.

To do the best for your lawn, set the mower blades higher during the dry weather.  A good rule of thumb is to cut only the top 1/3 of the grass stalk.  Taller grass encourages the roots to go deeper where they are more likely to find moisture in the soil.

Water conservation is always important!  Get more conservation tips HERE