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The average water user in the Authority’s service area pays less than a penny for a gallon of water. 

And the Authority’s water meets the rigorous standards for purity that are required by the New York State Department of Health.  Every time you open your tap and fill a water bottle, you are getting water of the highest quality for almost nothing.

(And oh, by the way… not all bottled water comes from a sparkling spring – read the label!)

Bay Minette

Have you visited our Conservation Tips page?

A group of environmental science students from Bay Minette, Alabama have!

They wanted us to know that while doing a webquest about water and conservation they ended up on our website and found “some great information” there (and so could you –

As a thank-you, they shared this link to a really good page about rain gardens:

If you don’t know what a rain garden is, this is a great chance to learn.  Check it out!

Thank you to Ms. Platt from Friends of Bay Minette and her students for sharing this positive feedback!  Water conservation is important to all of us, wherever we may live.