Current Activities

Regional Water Storage Tank

The Authority has been working with the Towns of Williamson, Marion, Sodus, Arcadia, Lyons and Huron on a project to construct a regional water storage tank along with public water distribution improvements. This project will greatly improve water storage for towns in the area, some of which have no water storage facilities. Work will continue on installation of water mains in the area, and construction of the tank on Brantling Hill in Arcadia is complete.  Go to our Home Page for more links to information on the project.
The base being prepared for the WCWSA Regional Water Tank on Brantling Hill, 2021
May, 2021: The tank site on Brantling Hill being prepared.
Wall sections of the WCWSA Regional Water Tank on Brantling Hill being installed
July, 2021: The wall sections being assembled
Concrete roof of the WCWSA Regional Water Tank being poured
August 5, 2021: The roof being poured.
Regional Water Tank viewed from Brantling Hill Road, October 2021
October, 2021: The tank is finished and site work continues.

Western Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Authority is working with the Towns of Macedon, Marion, Walworth and Palmyra and the Village of Palmyra to construct a wastewater treatment plant to serve those municipalities by replacing outdated facilities and consolidating services for more cost-efficient wastewater treatment operations.  Go to this website  for the latest information about this project.

Town of Huron Water District #8

In 2021, the Authority completed construction of this project, covering sections of Lummisville and North Huron Roads.  Restoration will be finalized in the spring of 2022.

Ongoing Water Meter Replacement Program

The Authority is continuing the process of upgrading our manual read meters to radio read meters.  This upgrade will allow all water readings to be completed without a meter reader walking up to your house to take a reading.  Currently approximately 95% of the Authority’s meters are radio reads.